12L Low Energy Dehumidifier with 2.5L Water Tank

12L Low Energy Dehumidifier with 2.5L Water Tank

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Get help with removing issues caused by damp air in your home with our 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier. This sleek and portable dehumidifier has a large water tank to extract up to 12 litres of moisture per day.


Our 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier removes 12L of moisture per day making it the perfect dehumidifier to quickly and efficiently treat dampness, mould and moisture in small to medium-sized spaces in your home. Features a large 2.5L water tank to ensure continuous moisture collection throughout the day, and a drainage hose is included for long-term use.

  • Large 2.5L Capacity Water Tank: Extracts up to 12L of moisture from the air per day
  • Digital Control Panel: Easily change settings and monitor the room’s humidity via the digital control panel
  • Continuous Drainage Hose: The 1 metre-long drainage hose allows for continuous operation
  • 24-Hour On/Off Timer: Program the dehumidifier to work around your busy schedule.
  • Advanced Operating Modes: Equipped with an Automatic Humidity Sensor allowing the unit to measure the ambient room humidity & Defrost Function that automatically defrosts the compressor when it gets too cold

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