Extra-Large Electric Heat Pad

Extra-Large Electric Heat Pad

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Extra-Large Electric Heat Pad provides deep, heating sensations to targeted areas such as your back, neck, legs and stomach to create warmth and comfort.


This luxury Extra-Large Electric Heat Pad has been designed to provide deep warming sensations to relax and warm targeted areas. Measuring a third more than a standard size, this versatile heated pad is perfect for targeting small and large body parts including your neck, back, legs and abdomen.

A convenient easy-to-use digital remote and 6 fully adjustable heat settings provide complete temperature control at your fingertips. An enhanced heating wire is evenly distributed throughout the core of the heated pad, providing edge-to-edge warming and the same heat output as 4 hot water bottles. Our luxury heat pad is fully machine washable and comes with a luxurious soft touch micro-fleece cover.

  • 6 Adjustable Heat Settings: Take complete control over your comfort with the 6 adjustable settings.
  • Detachable Remote Control: The easy-to-use remote control can be easily detached prior to washing or transporting.
  • 3p Per Hour To Run: Keep yourself warm without heating the entire room to save on energy bills.
  • Super-Soft Micro-Fleece Cover: Keeps you warm and cosy even when not switched on.
  • Advanced Overheat Protection: The throw will automatically turn off in dangerous situations for peace of mind.
  • 90-minute Automatic Switch-off: The heated pad automatically turns off after 90 minutes for safety.

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